“Sandbox” Paintings – An Exercise in Creative Play

In mid 2015, I listened to a podcast interview with artist Elle Luna. In her interview she talked about this idea of sandboxes. How they are places children play, play without worry or care. Places where they can let their imagination run free and be creative. Judgement and critique doesn’t exist there, just the pure joy of creating and imagining.

She encouraged artists to “play in a sandbox” for a little bit each day. Not a literal sandbox, but pick a time and place, maybe only 10 or 15 minutes and play creatively. No judgement, no worries, just time to enjoy your craft.

The works below came out of the first week after learning about “sandboxes” and I share them now because I think it is important to show a dimensions of your work. I believe, for me at least, that there are creatives out there who think they will never be good enough. They don’t ever see the bad pieces or the 300 photos taken to get that one good shot. By sharing process works and experiments we can give confidence and guidance to each other. Please click below to view.

"Sandbox" Paintings


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